Sweet or sour story, long or short, old or new. Every woman can tell a story through her jewellery. A narrative with style, rhythm and grace, constructed in gold and silver, decorated with semi precious stones. Always unique and especially designed for the carrier.

Sarina Beza was born in Athens in 1966. She studied at the State Art Laboratory and along side the sculptress Beat Zanin in preparation for the Bloomfield College of Fine Arts in Israel, where she specialized in Jewellery. In 1992 she establishment her own workshopShe participated in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and received an award from the Olympic committee in 2014 for her marvelous work.


Rhythm and movement, rare techniques, 925 sterling silver, silver & gold (18 & 14 carats) rough diamonds and vibrant artistic sensitivity. The uniqueness in their construction and design constitute a new proposition that transcends Greek Jewellery.


SARINA Beza Ring