TravellersVangelis Patseas was born near Volos (Almiros, Magnisia), Greece in 1971. After his studies at the School of Modern Arts he was assistant to the famous sculptor Anastasios Kranidis for several years.

In 1998 he became a professional potter and started his own ceramics studio, concentrating on human beings in everyday activities. In 2006 he constructed 27 ceramic figures (70cm height)  themed “professions of older times”, as a permanent exhibition for the Museum of folk craft of the merchant association of Livadia.

Sharing time between Rethymno and Volos, Vaggelis Patseas actively participates in the big carnival festivals in both cities constructing floats for the parade and large figures for street display made from a variety of materials.

He presented his unique creations with great success in many national and international exhibitions. Samples of his always evolving and interesting work you can see at our gallery, online and offline.